Your online encounter depends on more than just the level of service that you have obtained from TEC. At the time you visit a site or use some other sort of online utility, the information that you send and accept ventures:
  1. between your computer and your modem or gateway
  2. through the telephone wires that run throughout your home or business
  3. through the Network Interface Device on the outside of your building and to the TEC network, and then
  4. out to the Internet, which consists of millions of private networks
The service competence speed of your TEC connection only affects item three in the list above; but your online encounter hinges on the performance of all of those factors. For example, a user with a defectively performing computer, but who is receiving our highest service capability speed for their service type, could actually have a "sluggish" online experience. Similarly, a user with a new computer who is trying to access a website at the same time that millions of other guests are attempting to reach that site may also have a "sluggish" online experience, regardless of the maximum capability of their TEC connection.

Actual speeds may vary depending on the number, performance, and configuration of the following: For optimal performance, contact your equipment manufacturer/software developer for required upgrades, configuration redesigns, or troubleshooting guides.